Unleashing the Powerful Phoenix Within Your – Rise!

Greek mythology has a very important story that most of us can relate to at one time or another in our lives. Something devastating happened to a creature called Phoenix (a powerful bird) that destroyed it and burned it to ashes. We can often compare such a tragedy to something that has happened (or is currently happening) to us and see the Phoenix as a representation of our own life. Know that there is a new beginning, that no matter how bad (hot) things may get, you will get back up on your feet and once again rise from the ashes. Allow this to be a time for your strength to increase. Make it a permanent mindset that a Phoenix always rises from its own ashes. Let this be your new mantra: you can, and will, always pick yourself up when you are down, broken, used and abused or just plain worn out! Let this picture be absorbed into your mind! Feel Power! See Victory!

While you are allowing your life, mind and body (the physical, mental and emotional you) to rebuild, know that it is okay—actually a very good thing—to back away (avoid negative encounters, words and harsh treatment), in a sense and for a time, so your wings can be strengthened, grow bigger and stronger and take flight. Allow yourself the opportunity to heal from wounds to your mind, body and soul—from the once devastated Phoenix you may have been that possibly crashed and burned…temporarily. Never feel guilty—ever!! Is it time for restoration from a wounded body or spirit? Take refuge under your Creator’s wings. Let His breath sustain you as you rise again so you can then, with a renewed spirit, burst forth with unapologetic passion and strength. Rise Phoenix and soar to new heights. Look back at the picture again. Feel your strength rising!

As legend goes…when the Phoenix rises from the flames to the life it was originally created for, it is so much more powerful than it was before!

(from Rita’s book “Create Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind-Body Renewal”)

10 Tips to Becoming a Super Presenter

Need to speak to 5, 50 or 500 people? It is said that most people would rather get a root canal than speak in front of a group. Aarrgghh! With adequate preparation and practice videos from your smart phone or laptop, you can create presentations that make people want to come back for more! We will be covering more tips over the next few weeks. For starters…  

  1. Begin your preparation early.

Start developing your talk sooner, not later. Your thoughts often evolve over time so you will likely want to edit and “tweak” before you go live. The more time you have to prepare, the more confident you’ll be…the more you can watch yourself and have a close confidante also watch (go ahead and send them a short video clip). This also helps not leaning hard on notes or PowerPoint slides.

  1. Research your audience.

Find out everything you can about WHO you will be speaking to. What do your audience members have in common? What are the challenges they face? What is their education level? The more answers you have to who they are, what they are all about and what their need/pain is, the more you’ll be able create a presentation that they will want to hear. The shorter the allotted time, the more “meat” and less “fluff” is critical.

  1. Don’t worry about being original.

When you speak passionately, from your heart, and believe what you say, it doesn’t matter if you’re the first person or 15th to speak about your particular subject. The originality that you provide is your 1) voice and your 2) passion.If it is not your favorite subject, learn why it is so important to those you will be speaking to!!

  1. Keep it simple.

Smaller, shorter chunks of information are easier for audiences to absorb. Again, it’s the meat of the subject that can be turned into valuable bullet points if the time of your presentation is limited.

  1. Make them an offer.

Offer your audience a solution to a problem, a challenge to how they think or act, or an opportunity to learn something new. Create your Presentation around that offer (“Today I’m going to give you 3 tools to eliminate procrastination from your life forever…”). Wow, I’ll listen to that! The audience is all about WIIFM…What’s In It For Me. It is very important to switch the camera from the “selfie” mode to them!

  1. Create a conversation.

Instead of creating a “Presentation,” develop your talk as a conversation between you and the audience. Quickly determine by their attentiveness, facial expression, body language, etc., if they are engaged. Try to determine ahead of time if they are a group involved in fnances (state the facts ma’am, just the facts) or if they are a happy marketing group wanting great human interest (but definitely applicable) stories and some warmth included. It really makes a difference! Watch and respond!!

  1. Involve the audience.

To create that sense of conversation, interact with your audience if possible. Ask them questions (“How many of you would agree with that?”). Give them things to do (“I want you to write this next fact down…”). Being interactive helps retain engagement.

  1. Listen to yourself.

How your Presentation sounds is much more important than how it reads. Create your Presentation for the ear and make sure your body language is speaking the same language. If you are speaking on a product or program where you provide services or items, remember “Only sell what you would be willing to buy yourself!!!!

  1. Rehearse. Revise. Repeat.

Practice your Presentation as much as possible, revise it continuously so that it’s just the perfect Presentation for YOU to deliver.Years ago I noticed excessive eye blinking on camera. Smart phones and laptops are great for eliminating those signals before you are upfront.

  1. Have fun!

Keep the process of creating your Presentation simple and light. If you make the process fun, your Presentation will reflect that. Remember all of the outtakes (bloopers) that you sometimes get to watch after a movie? Well, that’s what practice and rehearsals are for. Go for it!

Contact me if you would like private or group coaching on presentations. Rock it!!

Stay tuned for more tips on reading your audience and what a confident demeanor can do for you! Rita Rocker www.transformationacademy.com

Creating Your Destiny Through Trials

(part 1) Change can be daunting and many will stay in the state they are accustomed to instead of yielding to the process of change. We want to soar but are afraid to get off the ground, so we hang on to the vine where it feels secure (although so uncomfortable and restricting) instead of pushing out and flying up where we belong. When we allow God, He will lovingly put all the pieces together so the newly created you can come forth. Let’s get started.

            I know all too well what can happen when life kicks us hard, over and over again, having grown up from an early age of five believing I was of little to no value. That mindset as a little girl (my emotional storage unit) steered my life in a very defeated direction. After all, why would dad take mom and I to the doctor when I was really sick because he was not about to miss going out of town to a horse race? “Take her on the bus. I’m busy.” In my little mind, horses were of so much greater value than my life and health. So mom took me, very sick, on the bus. That experience, although not as emotionally painful as many have experienced, planted a seed of worthlessness deep inside of me along with a large helping of fear of rejection and failure. Those two clinging fears caused me to sabotage just about everything I did for the majority of life.

Later, my spirit and well-being were torn by two domestic violence marriages filled with fear and destruction, being occasionally homeless and needing to start over, losing my son for many years, getting caught up in drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and try to escape reality for the moment. Then in recent years, experience the trials of eight surgeries in two years including brain and jawbone tumors, a shunt and titanium implant in my head to attach a bone-anchored hearing device as Meniere’s disease stole my hearing on one side and left me with balance and severe nausea issues. Then two back surgeries two months apart under the rods and screws, a ruptured colon, and another long-term broken relationship. Why would I think I was smart, worthy of good things and good friends, or the ability to grow into an international author and speaker and former Mrs. America contestant? However, my heart was, is, and always will be to educate, inspire and guide others to a life of freedom to be their awesome selves. To encourage them to go after their heart’s desires and not be “stuck” where they may have been…or are currently. To provide others with new life and career development tools to help them reach their full potential. DETERMINE TO USE YOUR TRIALS TO HELP OTHERS GET THROUGH THEIRS! It gives you such a sense of freedom and joy as you see others set free as well!

Stay tuned for more steps from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body

Creating Your Destiny – A New Start

We design new life by the images we visualize and the words we speak and accept…and will not accept! By what we desire that is good versus what we may have currently in the natural realm that may not be favorable or beneficial (but too frightening to let go of)

As you continue reading the upcoming blogs, are you feeling like nothing is happening in your quest to change or improve your life? Are you feeling stagnant or stuck? Are you frustrated saying, “I have been committed to taking steps every day to progress forward, to reach my goal and to fulfill my destiny, but nothing seems to be making any difference”? Positive change must begin in your mind, mentally shifting your thoughts to what you want no matter what you are actually experiencing at the moment. Is that easy? Not usually. Is it necessary? Absolutely!

So what happens when we need a new start? How do we actually get through the amazing transformation our Creator has for us, going from that caterpillar to becoming the soaring, strong butterfly? You are definitely not alone in the unpleasant struggle. A metamorphosis is defined here in a couple of valid ways:

1) A striking change in appearance, character or circumstances…usually by supernatural means.

2) a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.” Wow!

            Are you feeling like you’re in a cocoon and wanting to burst out, gain new strength and momentum, try new things and reach your destiny? I know how that feels!!

Let’s do it! The transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly is quite amazing and hard to believe that it’s even possible! This applies to you just as much as the little creatures trying to “get the heck out of Dodge”. We envy the exploring, energetic “butterflies” around us while wondering why we seem to be stuck in the cocoon, the confining chrysalis. Change comes when we realize we have fought long and hard, strengthened our arms (wings) through the battle to finally gain the power to start letting our wings crack that tough membrane (current state in life), expend the energy necessary (for what should be, not more of what “is”), lose our old identity, friends, other relationships, negative experiences and hit it full on! As a caterpillar is broken down into a fluid state containing all the components necessary to mold a soaring, majestic creature, it stays the course through the breaking down and then lets the rebuilding process begin. If you feel like you have broken down, know that you are now on your way UP! The result is a majestic creature…You! Was it easy? NO! But it is worth it! Continue building your magnificent new wings!

Stay tuned for more steps from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body

Creating Your Destiny – Emerging From Your Wilderness

Emerging from the Wilderness: It’s Time to Rise!

 Affirmation: I am slamming the door on the past: Self-sabotage does not live here anymore! Regret, shame and defeat have now left the building! Sorry you life destroyers, the door is locked and you can NEVER enter my life again!!

Oh, those tough times in the wilderness when we feel like we are either stuck or roaming in the desert, rough country, backwoods or out in the boondocks (take your pick). Let’s now focus on really, truly taking off and rising higher by implementing laser focus on your true life’s purpose. This includes working on how to eliminate the things that need to go in order to make more room for new life, to empower your purpose, accelerate, shift! My goal for you is to first of all understand your life’s purpose in order to start achieving it. To discern what is and is not necessary to capture your dream. To live a “focused” life—make efficient goals—do meaningful activities that fill us with the power and energy to achieve real success. To align with God so He will redeem our time of lost years, finances and opportunities.

            What is your definition of success (not the world’s definition but yours)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

            There is an appointed destiny for each of us. We have God’s DNA, (Divine Nature & Attributes) and in it is the foundation, the building blocks of our lives, bodies, and who we really are.

            Understanding our life’s purpose is the start of achieving it. Discern what is/is not part of that so you can consistently pursue efficient goals and do meaningful activities that fill you with the power and energy to achieve success. Align with God and He will redeem our time of lost years and dashed hopes. His purpose empowers us, not drains us. People rise higher when they know their purpose in life and how to eliminate the things necessary to make more room to manifest your purpose, accelerate and shift you higher.

Is it time to push the Reset button and move out of the wilderness? Your Destination: New life, adventures, relationships, health, finances and career! Possibly it is leaving a familiar nest that has become too uncomfortable, clearing your path, creating new recipes for life and reaching your oasis.

  We not only need to earn a living while here on earth—we are here to create a life!

Stay tuned for more steps from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body


Creating Your Destiny – Realignment

Realignment in life—spirit, soul and body–can often be compared to realigning a car: examining why the car keeps wandering off the path, wearing down part of the tire unevenly (think of your own spirit, soul or body), where a person, place or thing is taking up too much time or energy, lessening your opportunities and feelings of value. It takes some twists and turns to reset the wheels of life just like it does when our vehicles need new parts and adjustments to keep running smoothly. Ouch, those can be uncomfortable, but oh so nice when a smooth ride returns and the tires of life are evenly balanced with no worn spots: (overly stressed, exhausted, sad or angry). Is it time to get life back on track?

                        It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.  Anthony Robbins

So, what are you speaking about yourself and your life? Speak what God says about you, not what people and situations have said. You are His child! You are awesome! You are equipped with everything you need for success!

                      No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.  Eleanor Roosevelt

Remember what you focus on you empower—you become! We will focus on how to arrive at your beautiful destination. As you focus on the new, you will be amazed how the old habits fade farther back until one day—they are gone!

The following pages will provide you with the ability to integrate necessary elements for revival, restoration, release and rebuilding. You are a magnificent creation. Here we go! Stay tuned for more steps from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body

Creating Your Destiny – Power Steps

        You are a warrior! Yes you! Is it time for radical reinvention? Have you ever felt like life is a merry-go-round and you just want to get off? In this book you will explore the steps to seizing your dreams from the back of the shelf, assessing where you are versus where you want to be and a multitude of steps to take to get there. It is definitely time for the manifestation of your dreams and achievements.

  • Are you going through an energy-sapping or frustrating time with relationships, career, or life itself?  Are you feeling like you’re in a cocoon and wanting to burst out?  Learn how to gain new strength and momentum, try new and fulfilling life-transforming experiences and reach your personal and professional calling. 
  • Would you like to identify how to enhance your internal GPS to feel truly good about yourself, eliminate the negative tapes and excitedly work through the exercises that follow to get you there?
  • Are you or a loved one interested in learning productive and effective steps to push off from a restraining landing strip you may currently be on and launch into your long awaited, Divine destiny? The one that seemed too far out of reach.
  • If you are looking to gain insight into how to recreate an “awesome woman” resume that will draw people to you, then keep reading!
  • If you are you eager to equip yourself with new tools and techniques to enable you to write a victorious new chapter in your book of life, you will want to read on!

             Every August you hear on television over and again “Are you ready for some football?” Well, let me ask you, are you ready for winning at your own game of life? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about! Remember high school football cheers like “Lean to the left, lean to the right. Stand up, sit down, fight…fight…fight! Well, forget about leaning in all the unfulfilling directions and instead…Stand up and fight for your Divine place in this world. Practice the life-transforming steps in this book and make your goal a reality now.

            Discover your power steps to spirit, soul and body breakthrough: revive, restore, rebuild and release. Come to the fruition of your destiny – seeing beyond the puzzle pieces of how your life’s picture appears presently—in a place you do not wish to be. You have the power to complete the entire picture—to methodically tear out ill-fitting sections and carefully replace them with healthy and life-enhancing pieces until it is beautifully finished. You are the co-architect with our Creator, a child of the most high God. You are royalty in your own right, not someone begging bread (love, acceptance, approval or material needs) on the outside of the castle…but worthy of your very own royal crown.  

            You will no longer wonder, “Why in the world am I here? What is my purpose in this life? That’s not where I was headed!” Then you will rejoice in how that exasperating step was exactly the one that launched you to where you really were meant to be.  Difficult steps are often required to prepare you with the experiences, education or to the connections that will launch you higher.

Stay tuned for part two from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body

Rise & Soar – back to your destiny!!


Watch this encouraging video now! If you have dreams that were put on the shelf a long time ago but the thoughts keep coming back to you, it’s time to pull them off the shelf, exam your heart and what is happening in your life right now, and make you plans to get back in the race. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!