We design new life by the images we visualize and the words we speak and accept…and will not accept! By what we desire that is good versus what we may have currently in the natural realm that may not be favorable or beneficial (but too frightening to let go of)

As you continue reading the upcoming blogs, are you feeling like nothing is happening in your quest to change or improve your life? Are you feeling stagnant or stuck? Are you frustrated saying, “I have been committed to taking steps every day to progress forward, to reach my goal and to fulfill my destiny, but nothing seems to be making any difference”? Positive change must begin in your mind, mentally shifting your thoughts to what you want no matter what you are actually experiencing at the moment. Is that easy? Not usually. Is it necessary? Absolutely!

So what happens when we need a new start? How do we actually get through the amazing transformation our Creator has for us, going from that caterpillar to becoming the soaring, strong butterfly? You are definitely not alone in the unpleasant struggle. A metamorphosis is defined here in a couple of valid ways:

1) A striking change in appearance, character or circumstances…usually by supernatural means.

2) a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.” Wow!

            Are you feeling like you’re in a cocoon and wanting to burst out, gain new strength and momentum, try new things and reach your destiny? I know how that feels!!

Let’s do it! The transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly is quite amazing and hard to believe that it’s even possible! This applies to you just as much as the little creatures trying to “get the heck out of Dodge”. We envy the exploring, energetic “butterflies” around us while wondering why we seem to be stuck in the cocoon, the confining chrysalis. Change comes when we realize we have fought long and hard, strengthened our arms (wings) through the battle to finally gain the power to start letting our wings crack that tough membrane (current state in life), expend the energy necessary (for what should be, not more of what “is”), lose our old identity, friends, other relationships, negative experiences and hit it full on! As a caterpillar is broken down into a fluid state containing all the components necessary to mold a soaring, majestic creature, it stays the course through the breaking down and then lets the rebuilding process begin. If you feel like you have broken down, know that you are now on your way UP! The result is a majestic creature…You! Was it easy? NO! But it is worth it! Continue building your magnificent new wings!

Stay tuned for more steps from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body

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