(part 1) Change can be daunting and many will stay in the state they are accustomed to instead of yielding to the process of change. We want to soar but are afraid to get off the ground, so we hang on to the vine where it feels secure (although so uncomfortable and restricting) instead of pushing out and flying up where we belong. When we allow God, He will lovingly put all the pieces together so the newly created you can come forth. Let’s get started.

            I know all too well what can happen when life kicks us hard, over and over again, having grown up from an early age of five believing I was of little to no value. That mindset as a little girl (my emotional storage unit) steered my life in a very defeated direction. After all, why would dad take mom and I to the doctor when I was really sick because he was not about to miss going out of town to a horse race? “Take her on the bus. I’m busy.” In my little mind, horses were of so much greater value than my life and health. So mom took me, very sick, on the bus. That experience, although not as emotionally painful as many have experienced, planted a seed of worthlessness deep inside of me along with a large helping of fear of rejection and failure. Those two clinging fears caused me to sabotage just about everything I did for the majority of life.

Later, my spirit and well-being were torn by two domestic violence marriages filled with fear and destruction, being occasionally homeless and needing to start over, losing my son for many years, getting caught up in drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and try to escape reality for the moment. Then in recent years, experience the trials of eight surgeries in two years including brain and jawbone tumors, a shunt and titanium implant in my head to attach a bone-anchored hearing device as Meniere’s disease stole my hearing on one side and left me with balance and severe nausea issues. Then two back surgeries two months apart under the rods and screws, a ruptured colon, and another long-term broken relationship. Why would I think I was smart, worthy of good things and good friends, or the ability to grow into an international author and speaker and former Mrs. America contestant? However, my heart was, is, and always will be to educate, inspire and guide others to a life of freedom to be their awesome selves. To encourage them to go after their heart’s desires and not be “stuck” where they may have been…or are currently. To provide others with new life and career development tools to help them reach their full potential. DETERMINE TO USE YOUR TRIALS TO HELP OTHERS GET THROUGH THEIRS! It gives you such a sense of freedom and joy as you see others set free as well!

Stay tuned for more steps from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body

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