Moving Sale! Oh the freedom when you leave Yes-butville for Can-Do City! 

I once read that no material in the world is as resilient as the human spirit! However, every word and deed can affect that spirit. Relationships impact us immediately from the moment we are born and some experts say even from the womb. What happens as we grow up can have a profound effect on our success in life, the patterns we form and live by, and how well we manage the major and minor transitions in life–basically, everything we are and do. Now is the time where excuses are no longer accepted, and where we realize that no matter what has transpired in our lives, we CAN move forward and live fulfilling and rewarding lives. We can embrace solid relationships that last throughout our golden years. Think of the human spirit as a tire that is low on air. If it is going flat, pump it back up and get back on the ride of your life!

Here are suggestions to recharge your battery! Please take time to carefully examine the following points and determine:
• “What is the most important area that I would like to change as far as the perception I am giving to others?” Could it be getting in better shape to appear more energetic and feel better about myself?
• Would it be helpful to make simple changes in my demeanor and body language such as a more confident handshake, erect posture and good eye contact, remembering to smile more and center myself to be calm if I am a bit nervous? Work on these if need be with a positive role model.
• Could a few adjustments in grooming show others that I take good care of myself, therefore, I will also take equally good care of them, their business and relationships?
• What would make me “feel” more confident in my exciting new Boomer life? Shall I take a class in public speaking, get a makeover, or join an organization or committee where I will make new friends and gain new skills?
• What kind of image am I formulating in the mind of others by my attitude, energy and appearance? Write your answers in a journal for a time and notice any patterns that emerge. You can then prioritize according to importance.
• What kind of energy am I projecting as a 40+ person venturing out on a new life path? Is it positive, negative, forceful, supportive? Energetic or tired? Hopeful or hopeless? Determined or deflated? Ask a close confidante for feedback.

Write you vision for 5 years from now, 90 days from now, and weekly action steps. I can help you with that as you plan out and then work backwards to what you can begin doing today.

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