Realignment in life—spirit, soul and body–can often be compared to realigning a car: examining why the car keeps wandering off the path, wearing down part of the tire unevenly (think of your own spirit, soul or body), where a person, place or thing is taking up too much time or energy, lessening your opportunities and feelings of value. It takes some twists and turns to reset the wheels of life just like it does when our vehicles need new parts and adjustments to keep running smoothly. Ouch, those can be uncomfortable, but oh so nice when a smooth ride returns and the tires of life are evenly balanced with no worn spots: (overly stressed, exhausted, sad or angry). Is it time to get life back on track?

                        It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.  Anthony Robbins

So, what are you speaking about yourself and your life? Speak what God says about you, not what people and situations have said. You are His child! You are awesome! You are equipped with everything you need for success!

                      No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.  Eleanor Roosevelt

Remember what you focus on you empower—you become! We will focus on how to arrive at your beautiful destination. As you focus on the new, you will be amazed how the old habits fade farther back until one day—they are gone!

The following pages will provide you with the ability to integrate necessary elements for revival, restoration, release and rebuilding. You are a magnificent creation. Here we go! Stay tuned for more steps from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body

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