Professional Branding Power

Programs are tailored to your specific goals. Rita will provide in

depth training, coaching or workshop facilitation.


  • Gain the Competitive Edge as a Master Communicator and a Polished Professional Who Stands Out in the Crowd!
  • Create a Dynamic Image That Says You Can Conquer the World!

How To Communicate Effectively With Anyone!

Improve your prospects for career and financial success. A study published by the Carnegie Institute of Technology reports that 15% of financial and career success is due to technical competence and 85% is due to interpersonal skills. Your opportunity for long-term financial success hinges to a great degree on your ability to communicate effectively with people.  This workshop teaches you the most valuable skill of all—how to communicate effectively with people, including:

  • How to express your ideas in ways that gain the attention, support and respect of others
  • How to quickly “fit in” with any group of people
  • How to make an unforgettable, positive first impression on anyone
  • Discuss conversation techniques that enable you to enjoy greater credibility and open the lines of communication.
  • Build relationships through emails and avoid misunderstandings
  • Demonstrate and provide examples of written messages and how to bring clarity and favorable rapport.
  • Learn how tone and expression affects the way your message is received without the benefit of body language.

Talk about the ground rules of electronic etiquette, including the legal aspects of emails.

  • Understand the importance of consistency, including a checklist of expectations.
  • Examples of the impression one gives by what we say during the greeting, opening and closing statements. s reputation as a top servicer and provider in your industry. Description: Create written correspondence, verbal and non-verbal messages that bring clarity, cooperation and clear exchanges among those you share information with on a daily basis. This will be a fun and interactive session with particular focus on written interactions. Learn up-to-date tips on electronic etiquette, silent yet powerful messages that form impressions affecting your success, and become more aware of the best ways to send email, leave voicemails and faxes, and talk about legal and privacy issues, verbal messages and what they convey to others, including mannerisms and body signals that gain respect and cooperation (demonstrations and examples will be presented throughout the presentation)

 Your Successful Career Starts Here!

Companies are recognizing that etiquette and protocol are a form of business intelligence.  Let’s design the perfect program for you and/or your business:

  • Create positive, lasting impressions over the phone, at the front desk or at any business or social event
  • Understand the dramatic impact your “silent” signals have on all personal and business relationships
  • Acquire non-verbal, verbal and written skills that influence your success
  • Explore social graces, introductions and mingling,  male/female roles, and multi-cultural etiquette
  • Discuss how to conduct business over lunch or dinner
  • Coordinate an outstanding wardrobe that demands respect and cooperation, all within your budget
  • Acquire helpful hints on tipping, seating, eating “tricky” foods and conversation etiquette
  • Learn ways to positively project yourself and communicate in a group, including preparing your own 30-second commercial
  • Discover the latest on international cultures, business cards, introductions and all of those little details that give you the competitive edge

Business Social Graces

Conversation tips, introductions & mingling, male/female roles, social correspondence• People-handling ability: the art of self-expression, your 30-second commercial (role play for introducing • Electronic etiquette: We will discuss the ground rules for telephone, cellular phone and email etiquette  Marketing YOURSELF for Success How to Make Them WANT to Do Business with You!

Our professional manner, communication skills and attitude wield a powerful influence over a prospect’s decision to create a partnership with us, and to purchase our products and services. When this program is completed, you will have the networking, communication and business social skills to give you a competitive edge in this tough global economy. Ask yourself daily, “Do I send out the message to others that I am the one they want to do business with because I am the best? This program will help you focus on what truly sets you apart!

YOU are a powerful brand and the most important part of your company’s image! What does it say? The single biggest factor that determines whether people take us seriously is our opinion of ourselves, and it affects every area of our lives! It takes only seven seconds to capture our prospect’s or audience’s attention and it only takes approximately twenty seconds for them to decide whether they will listen further or walk away. The wealth of information shared in this program will empower you to intentionally build your most successful brand, NOW! Learn a myriad of techniques for positively influencing people, making an excellent lasting impression and increasing your bottom line! Startpracticing these techniques immediately and use them for a lifetime!

15 minute wrap-up for questions and evaluations yourself),the importance of feedback:

  • How to speak with style and project a winning attitude
  • How to gain greater credibility through voice tone and expression, including how it affects the way your message is received
  • Polished communication skills:  

Crucial Connections: Building the Most Favorable Business Relations Through Comprehensive Written, Verbal and Non-verbal Techniques

Your outward appearance, demeanor and ability to communicate directly affect your on and off-the-job performance.  Choose the areas you want to transform.

How To Build a Powerful Customer-centric Business From the Top Down

To build and maintain a healthy supply of customers, a company must have a quality staff that esteems themselves, their management and their customers.  Master the “human side” of customer service—the side that starts with upper management and works down through the ranks. The side that powerfully impacts the success of the company and the morale of its employees!  Discuss what feelings motivate us to action … or NOT! Discover why it is so imperative to have a good internal customer service program in place.  This is a fun, informative and interactive program for any type of business and comes with a Participant’s Guide.

For customers to keep coming back, a company must:

  • Project superior business professionalism and create a positive first impression that entices the customer to move forward
  • Conduct satisfying transactions that keep them coming back
  • Obtain positive outcomes from difficult conversations
  • Manage the customer expectation process
  • Sharpen your communications skills and “people handling ability”
  • Enhance your telephone skills
  • Speak with style and project a winning attitude
  • Discuss the differences that voice, diction, slang and expression have on your working relationships

The Working Woman’s Survival Kit

Classes vary according to goals.  Topics range from getting back into the working world to full-time employees wanting to improve their image.  Learn tips for successful interviews and resumes, coordinating a professional, job appropriate wardrobe on a budget and all the business etiquette to place you far above the competition!