Professional Career Coaching!!

Create Your Ideal Image and Brand Yourself for Success

This program is a fully individualized one-on-one program designed to fit you like a glove; and which facilitates a holistic approach to transformation that integrates personal mastery, leadership, organizational development and business growth.

Is this You?

Are you a professional woman who desires to be more comfortable with your appearance, image or communication skills, enabling you to project the confidence of the champion you truly are?

 Communicate with Creativity, Charisma and Confidence!

I will guide you into becoming the architect of your new remarkable persona by projecting a dynamic and confident image from the inside out. I offer powerful tools and techniques for learning extraordinary business and social etiquette, exhibiting an impressive and notable appearance, vibrant mannerisms and career-enriching skills for communicating with charisma and confidence.

Branding Yourself for Success!

A competent coach demonstrates the power to catapult her career and the lives of her clients by her ability to create, inspire, motivate and transform thoughts, words and actions into observable success. How you communicate with others will determine the level of success you reach in this global market place. What is going on inside of you greatly determines your project on the outside.

 Fully Individualized Program

Through our fully individualized coaching plan you will receive lessons shaped entirely around you as a unique individual, including exciting role play, to ensure you build an exceptional brand by fully optimizing all your key strengths.

Your Brand is your promise to your clients. It tells them what they can expect from you and your work and we provide special focus on the 3 key ingredients must all be present to reflect YOU and differentiate what you offer from that of your competitors:

  • Are you currently seeking greater confidence, charisma and a more empowering and competitive brand?
  • Are you confident in all your business and social communication skills?
  • Would you like to discover tools and techniques to reinvent your professional image, rise higher and outshine your competition?

Obtaining greater confidence, charisma and a more empowering and a competitive brand

  • Get Your WOW Factor On…Create Your Own Powerful Image and Brand
  • Make a Lasting Impression with All Socio-economic and Age Groups
  • Align your inner self with your outer brand and what you want the world see.

Gain confidence in all your business and social communication skills

  • Raise Up Your Inner Warrior: Revive, Restore, Rebuild, Release!
  • Tap into Your Woman Power and Genes: Strategies for Female Leadership
  • Turn your self-perception into a confident super power to light up your world and everyone’s around you.

Tools and techniques to reinvent your professional image, rise higher and outshine your competition

  • Become the Architect of the Rest of Your Life. It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself.
  • Learn the steps to revolutionize your communication skills to create the Most Influential Image?
  • Build positive new opportunities filled with life-transforming stories to get you through to the “other side”

 What you come away with

The wealth of information, exercises and power strategies shared in this dynamic coaching program will empower you to intentionally build a successful brand, NOW!

You will work with me to create a high level of success in reaching/creating strategies for standing out in this global economy. My years of experience as an author and coach in female leadership, corporate management training, professional image and etiquette seminars and private career development programs will provide you with the tools and techniques to confidently move forward in life!

Watch your confidence and social skills grow as you complete each exercise. All of the techniques can be used immediately after each session—with results that will last a lifetime!

Strictly confidential

All our work together will be treated as strictly confidential to open a safe space for digging deep into some of the human dilemmas that are likely to be at play and thereby provide scope to generate transformational results.

 Next step

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Program Designer: (click here) Rita Rocker