Emerging from the Wilderness: It’s Time to Rise!

 Affirmation: I am slamming the door on the past: Self-sabotage does not live here anymore! Regret, shame and defeat have now left the building! Sorry you life destroyers, the door is locked and you can NEVER enter my life again!!

Oh, those tough times in the wilderness when we feel like we are either stuck or roaming in the desert, rough country, backwoods or out in the boondocks (take your pick). Let’s now focus on really, truly taking off and rising higher by implementing laser focus on your true life’s purpose. This includes working on how to eliminate the things that need to go in order to make more room for new life, to empower your purpose, accelerate, shift! My goal for you is to first of all understand your life’s purpose in order to start achieving it. To discern what is and is not necessary to capture your dream. To live a “focused” life—make efficient goals—do meaningful activities that fill us with the power and energy to achieve real success. To align with God so He will redeem our time of lost years, finances and opportunities.

            What is your definition of success (not the world’s definition but yours)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

            There is an appointed destiny for each of us. We have God’s DNA, (Divine Nature & Attributes) and in it is the foundation, the building blocks of our lives, bodies, and who we really are.

            Understanding our life’s purpose is the start of achieving it. Discern what is/is not part of that so you can consistently pursue efficient goals and do meaningful activities that fill you with the power and energy to achieve success. Align with God and He will redeem our time of lost years and dashed hopes. His purpose empowers us, not drains us. People rise higher when they know their purpose in life and how to eliminate the things necessary to make more room to manifest your purpose, accelerate and shift you higher.

Is it time to push the Reset button and move out of the wilderness? Your Destination: New life, adventures, relationships, health, finances and career! Possibly it is leaving a familiar nest that has become too uncomfortable, clearing your path, creating new recipes for life and reaching your oasis.

  We not only need to earn a living while here on earth—we are here to create a life!

Stay tuned for more steps from Creating Your Destiny: Power Steps for Mind – Body


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