It is a scientific fact that the power of belief can cause the brain to lead the entire body in a certain way, however, you must be realistic in that if you want to shrink your hips four sizes, that it really is possible. For example: If you have a particular bone structure with larger, wider hips, your goal can only go so far as your bone structure allows and will never move those hip bones into a tiny rump. Think the impossible but be realistic. Keep your empowering goals before you (even make a vision board) and your self-talk positive and relevant! It may take a continuous and conscious effort to keep switching back to goal-oriented thoughts when they sneak back to the ones that have been speaking to you. You get my drift!

When you visualize a stronger, more confident and prosperous version of your natural self, you will begin to program your body and mind to “go there” which will help you support the habits that will help get you to your goal!

Stay tuned for part 2

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