A major shift in life’s circumstances takes concentrating more attention to who you want to become and who you want to be with on a regular basis rather than what you actually do for a living, for example. What thoughts take up most of your time? What do you believe will happen versus what can happen with clearer focus and more determination? How long do you allow yourself to feel down or defeated? We all have bad days and thorns in life that poke us hard, however, how long do you allow them to affect your emotions? How do you speak to yourself, see yourself and allow yourself to be treated? What makes you feel confident and powerful or weak and ineffective? Write it down!

Visualizing, or seeing yourself strong, is a tremendously powerful tool. Experts say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Can you resolve to see yourself confident, healthier, in a flourishing new relationship, financially stronger…or whatever your need or desire is…for the next 21 days? Can you make that specific period of time one of “seeing” and “feeling” what you truly want to happen AS IF it has manifested already? Allow your pliable, magnificent brain to create a mental ‘blueprint’ of what you want to accomplish. Even if you cannot see “how” to get to the end result, don’t worry about that right now. Only concentrate on seeing and believing.  Your brain can then begin to shift into the behaviors and means necessary to attract and complete this vision.

For the next 21-day habit transformation, begin each day with an attitude of expecting the best rather than just hoping nothing bad happens. Disappointments occur and sometimes we get bad news. However, it is important to steer your day in the most positive way possible, even if you have to redirect your path several times. Call out and declare the best to happen to you…predict it and expect it. Determine, first in your mind, the greatest day possible.

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