Take at least ten minutes in the morning to visualize and “see” yourself being/doing those very things you desire and need to have to fulfill your vision. If you can do this upon awakening when your mind is fresh and you haven’t yet met the day with family and job duties that works best.  If you only have a quiet space in the bathroom with the door locked, do it.  Right before you begin your day, if possible, take ten minutes to think about your day and fill out your assessment above. Use more paper as necessary to write it all down to review. You can eventually create a blueprint that transforms your mind and alter your everyday life. Keep positive thoughts that guide you to those activities and the people who were meant to be part of your life. Dream big and again, during this mind transformation time, do not sabotage your efforts by wondering “how” it can come about. Only visualize, visualize, visualize!

      See yourself wearing that gorgeous dress, being promoted at your place of work, in your new house, being mentally and physically strong, positive and healthy. See yourself feeling good (even if you’re sick), being a powerhouse speaker, enjoying dinner with supportive friends, or whatever changes are necessary to shift your circumstances and manifest your best self and life. Even when things at home or work are crazy tough, see yourself calm, strong and reacting in a positive manner. Doing so can help shift your mind and prepare you for a more calm and effective manner of communication.

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