When someone says something about you, either positive or negative, that seed tries to plant itself in the soil of your life. It is at this very moment that you determine whether or not to allow that seed to take root and grow into a self-sabotaging weed. If you dwell on what was said or done to you, you are watering and fertilizing the damaging seed and it will manifest in your life. That is why you must stop it every time, immediately! Switch and meditate on positive thoughts, blessings, what God’s Word says about you throughout the day. Nourish those seeds and watch them grow into your newly created reality! Ever look at a packet of flower seeds and see a beautiful and full array of gorgeous flowers? Yet, when you open the packet, what do the seeds look like initially? Shriveled and ugly? You plant them in the ground, alone, away from any light or sunshine. They just get “rained on” in the beginning (like what happens to our dreams quite often). But…what is going on beneath the surface? Just like your own building blocks you are painstakingly setting in place (educational classes, replacing negative friends, a new exercise program), caring for the seeds of your dreams will eventually cause the “fruit of your labor” to surface just like those flowers. Depending on your life situations (family, career, finances, support (or not), it may take a bit longer than you had hoped but it is a law of nature: what you sow, you will reap! Life may seem pretty dismal and you may only see the work you’ve put in but not the results yet. Keep nourishing your plants (your life, body, etc.) and you will see a transition take place. Like I said, it is a law of nature…and a law of God!

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