Here’s a great affirmation for you!  A flower does not think of competing against the flower next to it. It just blooms! Well…So should you! 

Today I make a list of all of my abilities, accomplishments and qualities. These are what I will nourish and see them grow strong! Read on………………!!!!!!

Who isn’t delighted by a gorgeous rose, a beautiful symbol of love, romance, and life itself? It didn’t start out that way though. Nature’s storms pelt the little seed in similar fashion to what we experience in life. Oh yeah! However, the turbulent moments in life are actually where roots grow deep and the seed starts to take the shape of a lovely flower IF, as the gardener, you nourish your seed (life) every day.

In spite of the thorns (trials of life), the transformation has brought you from a tightly closed bud to a magnificent bloom. Yes it has. I spent most of my life feeling like the shriveled up, ugly little seed hopelessly in the dark, abused, self-destructive and quitting everything I started, always afraid of failure and rejection. Then I looked at the picture on the outside of the seed package! What I could become with God as the Master Gardner. In all honesty, I had to quit feeding myself with negativity and garbage that was growing weeds and choking out the blossoms.

When shopping for flowers, you look at the photographs on the seed packages. They do not show you a picture of what the seeds look like in their current state, as dark, tiny, ugly seeds that do not showcase their true beauty and potential. The package shows the magnificent end result. Given the right nourishment and care, it will blossom into a vibrant and delightful creation. Likewise, when you look in the mirror, never see yourself as inferior, unlovely or defective–but as you truly are–a child of God’s magnificence! Allow the seed inside you to grow, and only focus on the lovely picture of what you can become! How magnificent you are!

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