Are You a Pearl Stuck in an Oyster? Do You feel hidden away from all your heart’s desires and life goals? If so, let’s talk about how to quickly transform that pain and bring you out of the dark, showcasing all the beauty and talent you have!

Changes can be painful and irritating, just like the series of events the oyster experiences that causes it to create a beautiful pearl. That lustrous gem is actually created because of the injury done to the oyster that contains it. The constant irritation of a sharp piece of sand inside of it (sound familiar?) causes the oyster to excrete a white pearly liquid to coat the sand in order to stop the pain. It is the gnawing pain that eventually prods the oyster to begin changing its situation and do what is necessary to change its life. The result is a pearl of great beauty and value although the process was not easy. Transforming our lives bears some resemblance to the pearl’s metamorphosis. We work on the issues until they no longer can hurt us!!!

Releasing the pearl’s beauty to the world requires the oyster to be opened (in a sense, being vulnerable to the outside world). Despite the hardness of the shell, it can be opened with ease as it is only held closed by a single muscle called the adductor. The oyster’s shell is opened using a thin knife to separate the adductor muscle. Once it is cut, the shell falls open and a beautiful treasure emerges. Sometimes our “releasing process” feels equally difficult but the end result is beyond belief! We can make something beautiful out of our pain.

We then use our experiences and knowledge to guide others down a similar path. As we do, our own confidence will soar even higher as we help change lives while fulfilling our own divine purpose! If your gifts and talents are still a hidden treasure deep inside of you, allow the mental adductor muscle to be cut. Release your potential!

Visualize yourself stepping out. What are the first five steps you will take? Write them down. In order to attain a life-transforming metamorphosis – 1) we either realize we have grown too much to stay where we are, or we cannot allow ourselves to suffocate in that painful, constricting shell any longer. End result is a pearl of great beauty and value where we have removed the sharp edges and made something beautiful out of our pain. Then we share it with the world!

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