Like a Kaleidoscope, life can seem like a mass of disjointed bits and pieces, but with deliberate adjustments, they can create a beautiful new picture.

I’m sure God sees the overall picture, not our broken dreams and frustrations. He sure saw mine! After going through two divorces from very abusive marriages and then losing a loving man from cancer in between, I hit rock bottom. Daily life was filled with such self-destructive habits. Shortly after taking refuge in my new apartment, I began taking walks after work in a park I called my “sanity trail” when a strange experience unfolded. As I prayed and walked, I literally had a vision of myself with jagged shards of glass stuck throughout my body. It was a real awakening as to how emotionally wounded I had become due to all of the self-sabotage, years of degrading treatment and self-loathing. I felt completely unworthy of deserving a new start.

What changed my life was a clear message God put in my heart that told me from then on, I was not to let anyone’s opinion or comments determine what I was worth. I was only to allow God to show me how He sees me, as His beloved daughter. Those nightly walks took on a new scenario as I began concentrating on all of the gifts and talents I was blessed with that had previously been pushed deep down inside. I also developed a new appreciation and gratitude for where I was at the moment, not for where I still wanted to be. Piece by piece, those jagged shards seemed to come out as I turned my focus on using them to create a beautiful new picture of God’s design.

You too can take those scattered pieces of your life, sort them into your personal and professional goals, personal relationships, financial situation—whatever the case may be—and every day, let God be the Master Designer, guiding your hand to create a new, transformed life. Is my mosaic finished yet? Nowhere close, however, I am determined to keep rearranging my life’s design for the good of my life and those I’ll touch along the way. What will you do with yours? You can move the mountains of fear, doubt, depression, sadness, lack (and all others) and create a new design.

Just keep working it and never, ever give up. I’ve tried so many times to throw it all away but God says “No, I have work for you to do!” Grab His hand and let’s get going!

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