Don’t deny yourself, develop yourself.

Hope: restructuring life and recreating a movement. Rising to your appointed place. .. with the eagles that soar above the storm!! That may take clearing your path of detrimental relationships, hurtful tapes that may have played through your mind most of your life.

Think of your mind as a computer and work diligently to program it for the most positive and effective transformation. Just like a computer, if you load the wrong software into it, it will not function correctly and may cause a hardware crash which can cause tremendous aggravation to restore and rebuild before getting back on the right track. Just like when a computer gets a virus and needs to be cleaned up, we often need to remove the negative “viruses” in our lives. They run the gamut from negative and demeaning relationships, bad health habits that tear us down, careless spending that can put us in a sea of debt, and just plain filling up our mind’s computer with trash.  When our thoughts become infected, we either clean them up, hit the gas and go forward in victory mode, or clog up our system and sit by the side of the road. It is your choice. Is it time to replace your mental engine?

    When you go through life’s transitions, keep focused on the bigger picture. Design it in your mind no matter what is actually currently in your life. Walt Disney created the entire Magic Kingdom in his mind before he had the money, support, anyone’s respect and cooperation, or the very equipment that he needed to actually make it happen. He grew up as a poor workhorse on the family farm with an abusive father who made him and his brother work from before dawn to late at night, every moment they were not in school. They would freeze in the winter with holes in their one pair of shoes. His trials and loss of a true childhood is what gave him the drive to create an enchanted place for all of us to dream, have unbelievable fun, and experience life like never before! If Walt Disney could rise from the ashes and do something so profound and miraculous, think of what you can do with the magic pen we call “the mind. Unlock your inner architect. Reprogram Your Mind. The one who has the most power to change your life is the one you see in your mirror!”

See a wall of fear? Shift! Move forward. Run into another wall—unsupportive people? Shift. Move forward. Think of changing the atmosphere as you go–new people, places, things, opportunities, jobs. Not everyone currently in your life can go forward with you. Lay down your hesitations. You are a warrior, a phoenix who has risen. Now soar! This is your moment…step past your intimidations, your fears. You were never meant to be desolate, afflicted or not achieving your highest purpose. Fight for it!

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.   Mark Twain

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