Are you ready to open a previously closed door to a new life adventure, career, or relationship? Do you lack the confidence to try for a new or long-time business or personal goal, the one you may have wanted since way back in junior high? Do you minimize your own skills and abilities by comparing what you believe are “liabilities” to other people’s “assets”? Instead, nourish and feed all of the wonderful attributes that YOU possess. If someone’s years of experience, looks, youth, or bank account intimidate you from trying for that still-unfulfilled goal, focus on all of your attributes like your contagious enthusiasm, healthy humility, passion for excellence, and superb people skills that far surpass what he or she has to offer. People are often hired for a particular job more often due to their personality and attitude than their set of technical skills. Why? Technical skills can be taught, but changing a potential employee’s outlook on life and thought processes may be too challenging for an employer to gamble on.

Even if your present talent or material possessions are not enough to get you to the finish line, determine what the first thing is you need to change/add/delete…people, places, things. Learn what steps are necessary to complete your desired goal. The end result? Flourishing in the career you always dreamed of, marrying a quality person like you truly deserve, starting a civic organization that stokes a fire down in your soul, or whatever else you love. For some, it may not be a career or marriage, but fulfilling a creative need, like taking art or dance classes, joining a gym, attending interesting seminars, meeting with a group of like-minded individuals who bring more joy into life, mentoring a struggling student, volunteering at a hospital or library, taking some “me” time at a spa, or any number of little experiences that can make life more enjoyable. Everyone needs and deserves time for themselves.

Always keep in mind, if you allow the same limiting thoughts to be entertained, you cannot expect to produce anything differently from what you have experienced in life up until now. Perhaps it is time to assess what changes can be made in your current life or business plan. How can you increase your knowledge? How can you refine your image and communication skills? What local groups and online social media can you become active in to connect with others passionate about your same dreams and goals? Generational differences? Everyone can all learn valuable lessons and gain tremendously helpful insight from the other generations while valuing the camaraderie and support of our own generation.

     It is NEVER too late to reinvent yourself! It is NEVER too late to start over no matter what has happened to you! Determine that your new life starts today! Remember the old saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had.” What holds you back? Are you over committed trying to make everyone else happy? You know what you need! Rehearse your new role (the one you can vividly create in your mind), take the first constructive step (taking a class, joining a beneficial new organization, releasing negative people who hinder your, enhancing your appearance…you get the idea). Okay, now keep the momentum going with the next step and continue moving forward!

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