PERCEPTION can make or break relationships. It is how we see ourselves and how we believe others see us. It is also how we perceive (see, judge, interpret) others. The perception of an individual is his or her reality. People act on the basis of their perceptions of you (nasty, cooperative, sloppy, friendly, engaging, and helpful, etc). If you change their perceptions, you change the way they think and feel about you, and you change the things that they will do for you. Here are key areas that influence our lives in a very significant way:

POLITENESS IS POWER: Treat People Politely  (positive energy). People do things for 2 reasons– either they want to or have to. Treating them with kindness, courtesy and respect makes them want to do things for you–they are motivated to go out of their way to help you solve your problems and accomplish your goals. Being nice satisfies one of the deepest of all subconscious needs, the need to feel important and respected. Whenever you convey this to another person in your conversation, your attitude and your treatment of that person, he or she will be wide open to being persuaded and influenced by you in almost anything you need.

PERSONAL POWER: The more power and influence that a person perceives that you have, whether real or not, the more likely it is that that person will be persuaded by you to do beneficial things –you have branded yourself as an authority or someone who is good to do business with. Example, if you appear to be a senior executive, or a wealthy person, people will be much more likely to help you and serve you than they would be if you were perceived as uncaring, insecure, too temperamental, etc.

POSITIONING:  Shape Their Thinking About You. The way other people think about you and talk about you when you are not there. Your positioning in the mind and heart of other people largely determines how open they are to being influenced by you. Again, YOU are the #1 brand in your business. Everything you do shapes & influences their perceptions of you and your positioning in their minds. Is there something you could say or do to encourage people to be more open to your requests and help you achieve your goals? (thoughtful, team player, keep your word, polite, professional).

PERFORMANCE:  Be Good At What You Do. This refers to your level of competence and expertise in your area. A person who is highly respected for his or her ability to get results is far more persuasive and influential than a person who only does an average job. Commit To Excellence:  The perception that people have of your performance capabilities exerts an inordinate influence on how they think and feel about you. Commit yourself to being the very best in your field. Sometimes, a reputation for being excellent at what you do can be so powerful that it alone can make you an extremely persuasive individual in all of your interactions with the people around you. They will accept your advice, be open to your influence and agree with your requests.

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