Part 1: Are you feeling stagnant or stuck? Are you frustrated saying, “My gosh, I have been committed to taking steps every day to progress forward, to reach my goal, to fulfill my destiny, but nothing seems to be making any difference”. Positive change must begin in your mind, mentally shifting your thoughts to what you want no matter what you are actually experiencing at the moment. Is that easy? Not usually. Is it necessary? Absolutely!

Stop right now and really analyze what is going on beneath the surface, where your thoughts, feelings and concentration have been attracting that very thing you want to change. Do you “see” yourself more confident, slimmer, healthier, in a better relationship—or whatever your desire is—or do you tell yourself there is no way that goal can manifest because you don’t have enough money, don’t think you’re attractive or smart enough, or a myriad of other self-defeating thoughts. It can take a hard push to visualize what you want to draw into your life rather than just wonder how it could happen.

Start journaling. Create positive thoughts where frustrating circumstances loom. “I get to plan my day because I am in charge of what happens to me. (Oops, here comes one more unexpected event to my day). However, I will deal appropriately with anyone or anything that seeks to upset my day. This is my day and I can overcome! God created me and He will strengthen me, give me wisdom (ask for it), and make my path straight.” Can’t you just feel your chin lift, the corners of your mouth turn up, even if just a little? Do you detect a refreshing deep sigh of relief?

Stay tuned for part 2

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