It truly is never too late for a new beginning!! Hit the Reset Button!
How do you stay on track to reach your goals when you are just trying to get through a day of reality–bills to pay, an uncooperative boss or client, or cranky spouse? How do you meet the challenges of caregiving while holding down a full-time job and raising kids? Start my own business? Finish college? Are you kidding me? It’s all I can do to get to bed before midnight! The most important thing you can do (even if the only free time you have is while driving down the highway or taking your morning shower) is to continue visualizing (regardless of the circumstances you see in front of you) and acting on faith! Start journaling. Create positive thoughts where frustrating circumstances loom. “I get to plan my day because I am in charge of what happens to me. (Oops, here comes one more unexpected event to my day). However, I will deal appropriately with anyone who tries to upset my day. This is my day and I can overcome! God created me and He will strengthen me, give me wisdom (ask for it), and make my path straight.” Can’t you just feel your chin rise, the corners of your mouth turn up (even if just a little), and notice your deep sigh of relief.

If you feel like too much of life has passed you by, check out these true-life examples:
• Grandma Moses began painting at the age of 76 because her arthritis prevented her from using a needle for her embroidery! Life magazine put her on its cover to celebrate her 100th birthday. (Her first paintings that sold for $3 later sold for $10,000)
• Colonel Sanders was in his 60s and on Social Security when he had to close his service station but then set out to promote his secret chicken recipe.
• Barbara Hillary became the first black woman to reach the North Pole at the age of 75.
• Harry Bernstein, published his first book, The Invisible Wall, at 96 in 2007.
• Mary Hardison became the oldest woman to do a tandem paraglide at 101.

A California man who missed his 1942 graduation because he was locked in an internment camp for Japanese-Americans during WW 2 finally fulfilled his dream. The L.A. Times reported that 89-year-old Don Miyada walked with the Class of 2014 at Newport Harbor High School 72 years after he was denied his own cap and gown. Talk about life’s circumstances getting in the way!!! He never let go until his dream came to pass!

 Old ways of doing things won’t open new doors! Remember the saying: If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always had.
Hit the “reset” button and kick your way out of the box!

Rita Rocker, International Author, Speaker, Trainer — Transformation Academy, LLC

2 comments on “It’s Never Too Late to Hit Life’s “Reset” Button!

  1. Pete Curtis

    Thank you, Rita. It is a wonderful experience to discover your inspirational message at the beginning of a hectic day of going places and doing things no “normal” man of my age should even consider. This morning, I am climbing into three attics to inspect for proper attic ventilation and signs of moisture infiltration. After that, I am going to correct some problems with a residential gutter system and redo the interior woodwork of a recent window installation. Then I will be installing a new light on the outside of a garage. If all goes well, after that, I will tear off a porch roof and prepare it for a new DaVinci roof.
    I’m an old man (70) with four bulging discs in my neck, both hips are arthritic, and one knee is bad. I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, both shoulders are torn up, my hearing and vision are declining, I have little education, lots of experience, and have to push myself every minute of every day.
    Why do I bother? Because I get to meet lots of nice people, and their dogs and cats. Also, I am usually able to help these folks with a problem – and be paid for doing it.. My life is good.

    1. Rita Post author

      Great job, sir. Keep going. You are a blessing to many! God bless!

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