Are you feeling like your dreams are being pulled farther away? Think of the Arrow, which can only be shot by pulling it backwards!! 

When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that, with determination, it’s going to turn around and launch you into something great!! Just focus…and keep aiming! So if someone or something tries to bring you down or pull you back, show them the struggles only made your arms stronger.  Strong enough to get up, focus on your dreams, and shoot that bullseye straight on!

You may be thinking—how am I going to do that? I’m so worn out, broke, tried and failed too many times! Remember, No material in the world is as resilient as the human spirit! Yet we must decide what are holding onto that is holding us back and what damaging dead weight to let go of. Why? When holding on to negatives, researchers believe it can actually reshape the human cell to the point where our thoughts of the past can negatively affect our cells and physical body. Here’s an example: Looking back, did your negative relationships (personal or professional) provide any kind of physical, spiritual or emotional nourishment to feed you with encouragement, positive direction and support? Or did they bring disappointment and frustration, shooting your arrows into the ground? If so, mentally grab those arrows, sit down, and take a moment to visualize a picture I once saw: a bird was sitting on the outside of its cage and it read: The day came when she finally broke free from the cage that had been created in her mind. She slammed the door shut, spread her wings and flew free… to her destiny!

So can You. Yes, there is nothing stronger than the human spirit!  Where you might be right now is not where you are intended to spend the rest of your life. Ready? Pull back that arrow…aim…soar higher!



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