First and foremost, your goal is not to close a sale during your presentation but to open a relationship that lasts for years.

This viewpoint is effective and helps take the pressure off making a quick sale.

  • Prospects can tell if you are just selling but they can also tell if you are excited about making their lives easier. At the end of a presentation would you like to hear, “This special is just for today so why don’t we write up your order so you can take advantage of it.” Or, while you are in front of your prospects, you say, “This new process should shave at least an hour off of your information-gathering process each day.” Now that can give a presenter confidence! Who wouldn’t want the extra time for other job duties!
  • Demonstrations, audience participation, and true stories give credibility, can be fun and informative, and help your audience relate to why they should also buy from you.
  • Look the part of the successful business person. It only takes seven seconds to make a good impression, one that can prompt the listener to “want to hear more” or move on to their smartphone emails.
  • Apply a lubricant like Vaseline (just a dab) on your top teeth so your lips won’t get stuck in that rather amusing position.
  • Roll on a thin layer of antiperspirant in your palms to help control the dreaded sweaty palm.
  • With mouth closed, swallow hard while slightly extending your chin outward. This can be done in a way that is not noticeable and helps clear your throat for a stronger voice.
  • Be warm, engaging, serious when necessary, maintain good eye contact, and exhibit the utmost in sincerity.

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