How do you combine that honest voice of yours with presentation effectiveness? It’s as simple as can be: you only need to remember to be conversational. Talk to your listeners instead of trying to give a Presentation, and you’ll come across as an honest and trustworthy presenter who’s worth hearing.

Spend some time, then, in learning how effectively you use your voice. Train your ear to listen to how you say things, not merely the information you’re imparting. Record yourself talking with friends (when you’re activated and not self-conscious, remember?), and listen to the results. Ask colleagues what they think of your vocal delivery. Once you have more knowledge from “outside your own head,” start working on improving your problem areas.

If you use evaluation instruments following your presentations, include questions dealing specifically with Presentation and voice issues. And if you really want to reach the next level, find yourself a first-class Presentation coach, preferably someone with a background in acting.

You’ll be discovering what your listeners already know about whether you’re an effective vocal communicator. It’s “must have” information for anyone who speaks in public.

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