If you want to provide engaging and memorable presentations, newsletters and blogs, here are key elements to greater success:

Is the title of your presentation interesting? If you saw your title for the first time, would it catch your attention? Your first goal is to capture their attention and make them want to listen further or read on. Does the title reflect the value and benefits they will ultimately receive? Spend time creating an interesting title. You might need to write your message first before determining what title will be most effective. That is okay and often gives you a better “feel” for how to initially grab their interest. Try it on friends or associates first if you are not sure.

Belief, Passion and Commitment—Does Yours Show? Passion, enthusiasm and your belief in your message can make a statement like nothing else. When you’re passionate, enthusiastic and committed to share an authentic, meaningful and life/career transforming message, your audience/readers are much more likely to become engaged in your message. Show that you truly believe your product, service, book (or whatever it is) will save them time or money, help guide them in a new direction, create a more engaged workforce, etc.

Pack a Powerful Punch: Use Stories and Facts to Educate and Influence. Influential presenters and writers use stories, hypothetical situations or relevant examples to help their audiences relate personally and professionally. Stories are interesting and a very “human” touch to our day-to-day world. Be sure your stories and examples strengthen your point.

Engaging Your Audience. Is there any way you can involve your listeners by asking, or taking, questions? Can you have them participate in a short activity? This really helps right after lunch when many of us tend to get a bit drowsy. The lectures of previous days have become more interactive and it helps listeners digest what you are saying.

How Much Information is Too Much? I am one who wants to share so much beneficial material that it can be difficult to cut it into the most important, bite-sized pieces. We have heard that the mind can only absorb what the seat can tolerate, whether sitting in a seminar or on the computer. What are the key points of useable, helpful information that your listeners/readers can take away and use most effectively? Always allow some time for Q&A when giving live presentations.

Pictures and Parallels. Whenever you can, use visual images and similarities to relevant situations and experiences that will help your audience see and understand more about your topic and why it is important. Some learn and retain better by visuals, some by statistics, and some by stories they can relate to. Use various ways to pack a powerful, lasting punch.

Show Me! Demonstrate, Validate, Educate. There is no better way to sell a product than to demonstrate the benefits and ease of use. They add life, credibility and verify what you say is what they get. For those who hate to sit and read directions, this is a very important addition…show them.

What Do I Do Next? Leave your audience/reader with a specific next step or build a short ladder of the next possible 2-3 steps. Give them simple, clear suggestions. Where can they go to learn/hear more? Your newsletter? Someone’s blog? A particular book?

Recommendations and Referrals: Ask others to give you an endorsement of your product or service. Seek testimonials, referrals and references to verify your talent, product quality or exceptional service. Create a portfolio of written and/or videotaped recommendations to share with prospects, build your reputation, and to gain new and happy clients, employees, participants or readers!

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Rita Rocker, Transformation Academy, LLC

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