Part 3:

Do you grow your Relationship Capital?

What can you do to further differentiate yourself and set yourself apart from the pack, distinguishing yourself professionally and personally in the marketplace? It may be a new idea or program you developed; some research you conducted that the company turned into a viable product or service; an unusually memorable relationship-building event that you sponsored; or something else entirely. What will you do next to be more memorable, more distinctive, and ultimately more appealing in clients’ eyes?

Make Them “Want to Hire, or Buy From, YOU!

What is something you do better than anyone else in the world?’ Back up your statement with reliable evidence. Providing measurable outcomes separates the wannabe’s from the impressive doer’s.

Share anecdotes about how you got something done, against tough odds, and what the outcome was.

  • Become THE ONE…be all that you want in others…courteous, a continuous learner, exhibiting a professional appearance, being a dynamic listener, etc., and having the same qualities that you want to see in others.

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