Part 2. Here are two quick tips in how to show others you are the expert they want to do business with!

One of the best ways to get what you want/need is by being engaged and listening to others first, doing what you can to connect them with the right products, services or people before turning the attention on you. Although prospects and clients do want to hear about your great ideas, they first want to tell you all about theirs. They will be most interested about your ideas when they directly relate to their goals and aspirations. How will you know? By asking and listening. It is said that the most “expert” conversationalists are the ones who are the best listeners! You can provide the exact “expert” knowledge after fully comprehending what exactly they want and need.

Do you add more value than your competitors in your client engagements?

This means having a reputation for “exceptional value” – doing an even better job at delivering on your basic services than everyone else. More “surprise value”- helping your clients in unexpected ways by identifying issues and solving problems you weren’t even asked to address. More “personal value” – providing any “off the clock” coaching to help their own careers or business. It doesn’t take long to zip out a quick email or send a short note giving them a relevant contact, informative article or a quick word of encouragement.

Stay tuned to Part 3: How to Grow Your Relationship Capital

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