Think of your life as a kaleidoscope and how you can take all the disjointed pieces and turn them into something beautiful!

Kaleidoscope: 1) An instrument that contains loose fragments or bits and pieces which change and exhibit its contents in an endless variety of varicolored forms. 2) A succession of changing phases or actions constantly changing, rapidly shifting. 3) New developments, growing rapidly, one upon the other, having infinite variety, and possessing many facets. Does that sound like your life or someone you know?

Like the kaleidoscope, the pieces of our lives can change often and combine to create various new designs. At any given moment, life may once again become disjointed and feel out of focus. That is a sign to stop the merry-go-round that may be flinging obstacles in your path, gather up all of those fragments, and create a new pattern of hopes and dreams. You may have to tear out a few seams in your life’s design that no longer fit you or that have become too uncomfortable–a lifestyle choice perhaps, or a place where you like to go that is serving no good purpose. You may need to replace a torn sleeve—like a friend or job, for instance. How about adding a dash of life-giving color–flowers, educational or self-improvement classes, music that makes you happy–to your new pattern. Create a rich new blueprint that will lead you down a fresh, exciting path, one that will be instrumental in manifesting your purpose, dreams, and heart’s desires.

Truly, I feel, this is the perfect description of our varied existence, with all the bits and pieces constantly changing to make a full and varied life. Life seems a mass of disjointed bits and pieces having no particular significance by themselves, but together they can create a beautiful picture. I am sure God sees the overall picture, not our broken dreams and occasional frustrations. When He is in the driver’s seat, life can be a safe and satisfying journey in spite of our heartaches and tears.

You have the power within you to do just that!

Rita Rocker, international author, speaker, consultant, Transformation Academy, LLC



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