No one can look backwards and make a brand new start; however, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending!!!! (author unknown) Today I sever the ties to the past and, with great anticipation, steer myself down the road marked “beautiful.”

God is not hindered by our past, lack of education, age, financial situation, or any circumstance that we might use as an excuse to continue floundering in disappointments and frustration. Remember all the experiences that have prepared you for your destiny. Preparations for fulfilling your purpose are not just through higher education, building a hefty retirement, or amassing more worldly experiences. Some of life’s most difficult lessons hold the most life-transforming value. They may be the ones you hated the most but hold dearest to your heart for how you grew and your life changed.

Think of what burns passionately within you. What puts a smile on your face when you think about it? What hopes and feelings, even when they were put back on the shelf for a season, never really went away? Could that be your passion? Is your life’s purpose hanging on to you, maintaining a powerful grip, even if you don’t see how it could ever come to pass?

Take the broken pieces of your life, mix them with your unfulfilled dreams, and use them to create a beautiful new mosaic! You can create a new beginning, one step at a time. Go!

 Rita Rocker

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