Be happy for what you have while working for what you want. Helen Keller. In the midst of any thorns in my life’s garden, I choose to dance when it rains and remove all but the beautiful fruit I can grow.

 You truly are the only one who is in control. You choose which path you will walk along by the choices you make and how you respond to people and situations. Examine the beauty of a magnificent pearl. It is actually created because of the injury done to the oyster that contains it. The constant irritation of a sharp piece of sand causes the oyster to excrete a white pearly liquid to coat the sand and stop the pain. It is the gnawing pain that eventually prods the oyster to change its situation. The end result is a pearl of great beauty and value. You are just like that pearl, able to make something beautiful out of your experiences, if you let yourself.

However, releasing the pearl’s beauty to the world requires the oyster to be opened. Despite the hardness of the shell, it can be opened with ease. The shells are held closed by a single muscle called the adductor, and oysters are opened using a thin knife to cut that muscle. Once the adductor is cut, the shell easily falls open and a beautiful treasure emerges.

Sometimes our “releasing process” feels equally difficult, frightening and may be even painful, but the end result makes it all worth it! Step out, open up, and let your true beauty shine!


Rita Rocker

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