Now can be the first step of your new beginning in whatever area you are seeking changeanother exciting push forward towards your new transformation – NOT when you are forty pounds thinner, can afford a newer house or car, are remarried like your ex-husband, or whatever issue may be holding you back.

Those “new things” may take a bit longer to accomplish than you want (like “Gee, I wish that would have happened yesterday, last year, half my life ago–I can relate to that one!), so take one step at a time and walk through each phase after carefully answering the steps below. Do what it takes, in small increments, to turn your situation around. Even quick, shorts steps can cause you to feel better and stronger: Walk another half block each day until you reach a fitness plan that works for you, exchange that doughnut for a healthy yogurt with cinnamon toasted walnuts, make a cup of yummy flavored coffee and save the Starbucks money towards your new car fund. Thoughtfully consider these questions, then write down the who, why/why not, how is this affecting me, etc. Seriously, evaluate each one, how it makes you feel, and kick the fear of change in its backside. Go!!

  • What do I wish to change and why? Relationships? Health? Finances? Career?  Be detailed on where you are now and where you need to be.
  • What will it take to transform my life? Different friends? (Ouch, but in a good way). Letting go of someone or something that keeps me down? An exercise and eating plan? Classes that will equip me for my dream job? There are so many free classes on the web.
  • Who or where can I turn to for support? We all need it and it makes others (the right ones) feel special for being able to help. Never try to do it alone but it is critical to pick those who will be supportive and positive. That is the key!!
  • Who or what is preventing me from stepping into my new life? Are they perceived or real roadblocks? Be honest. Is it fear, finances, taking care of a family member? Is is (just) memories of something someone said that actually does NOT determine your abilities at all!. 
  • If I can’t completely change a particular area of my life, what steps can I take to make it better? Begin with one realistic step, then the next, and the next. Exchanging an area of your expertise with someone who can watch the kids while you attend class. Getting up a half hour earlier to have quiet time with God and seek His direction. Taking the stairs to recharge and burn a few calories?
  • Where I am speaking in negative or defeated terms, what can I say to turn it into victory statements?

Take each negative thought and literally rewrite it. You can change, “I’m too old to change careers” to “I have years of valuable experience, insight and creative relationship skills that will give me favor to be hired by the best company for me.””I deserve a wonderful, loving partner.” “God can give me new, supportive and fun friends to replace those who have kept me down.” Name it–claim it!

Believe it or not, it is NEVER to late to begin again!!! Or again. Or again. Never!!

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