It is often a shift in your mind that must take place before you get (and remain) on the right track, the one that will take you to the finish line. A thought-provoking visual aid can actually shave months (or literally years) off of reaching your goal IF you follow it no matter what anyone says. Here are a few suggestions for creating your ultimate goal page. Write out in great detail. Do NOT think about “how” this will get accomplished, just write!

  • how you want to look and feel
  • what you want your bank account to be
  • what kind of family and social life you want, etc.
  • what you will feel like now…and…how will your life look after you have reached these goals

 List all of your positive characteristics:

  • the ones you have now and …
  • the ones necessary to exchange before you can reach those goals (replace negative friends with supportive ones, switch from watching four hours of television at night to attending/researching/watching educational programs, etc.). Put a date at the top of the page. Close your eyes and see it happening every day. It truly is never too late for a new beginning!!

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