Close Your Eyes and Create! When we look around with our eyes wide open, we see the world and our life’s situation, finances, relationships, etc., as they currently exist. If any of those areas are in dismal shape, it is hard to imagine and recreate a life of fulfilled dreams and purpose. Thinking with our eyes closed ignites our imagination of what can be, instead of what is at present. Focus on the opportunities and possibilities instead of obstacles to unlock your inner architect.

 Start at the End of Your Life and Create Your Plan in Reverse!

As you work towards your personal reinvention, start with where you truly want to be if your wildest dreams were achieved. This will help you explore fresh possibilities, new relationships, programs and steps to take to reach that goal. Work backwards. There is nothing more invigorating, faith building or obstacle-busting than to see your end goal every day, no matter what life looks like now.

“Seeing” the end is how we “get” to the end!

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