Affirmation: If you fall seven times…stand up eight! “When I get knocked down in life, getting up and moving forward is my choice and I’m taking it!”      

Remember the a Weeble dolls, the ones with the rounded bottoms that always bounced back up when they were pushed down? Just like those Weebles, you may get knocked down when times get rough but you cannot fall flat!! You can conquer your fears and rise again if you trust God and continue taking positive steps each day, even if it is just one little change or addition to what you normally do.

  • Imagine yourself doing what you love even though you have no idea how you will achieve your goal. Visualize yourself doing it anyway.
  • See yourself with your new partner, new career, thriving in a new city, several dress sizes smaller, or whatever you heart’s desire is.
  • Smile (you can actually put one on your face even when you don’t feel like it and it will immediately make you feel better). You can tell yourself to smile several times a day, just to practice until it becomes a routine). Get some form of exercise or movement each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes, and enjoy how you feel afterwards. Make an effort to meet new friends/clients.  Enjoy more fellowship and at least one hobby. Spend time every day creating the picture of your new life.
  • Be sure you speak in the present tense when you say your affirmations See it now!

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