You are preparing a presentation to an organization, potential client, or your team at work. Then it hits! Your internal conversations start creating a giant batch of butterflies in your stomach, bringing a sense of dread that you are having a hard time shaking. Here are two effective techniques to help create a different, more productive and positive mindset. Make it a fun adventure as you create your list for the following reasons why you will nail it:

  • Write down three reasons why the audience will like YOU. For example:
    • Your audience will like you because you will demonstrate that whatever you “say” in your presentation, you will actually do. You can back this up by actual stories and examples that you have already experienced, ones that lend credibility to your message.
    • You could write down that although you may not be the most charismatic presenter, you 1) know your stuff, 2) believe in your product…and 3) it shows!!
    • You are skilled at body language and facial expressions so you know when to stop, ask questions, or clarify a point.
  • Write down three reasons why the audience will like your presentation. For example:
    • You will limit your PowerPoint or other visual aids to only the most relevant, clear and interesting points. This will keep your audience engaged.
    • You will use “we” and “us” much more than “I” and “me”to help them relate…and buy in to your message.
    • You truly care about giving the best, most helpful information possible!!

Bottom line: only allow your mind to run down a positive path, smile as you prepare (it actually makes you feel better) and give it all you’ve got!


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