This is the story of my life, written by my mother. Be blessed and encouraged by how your life really CAN change!

You’d never guess what happened to a little worm one day. Her heart was filled with sadness as she inched along her way.“ Oh, woe is me,” she sadly cried. How drab my life has been. No matter how I’ve tried and tried, it seems I just can’t win.”

“I’m tired of being in the mud, of crawling on the ground.
If I could soar through blue skies or walk or run around,
I’m sure I’d then be happy and I could wear a smile.
Then joy and peace would come my way and life would be worthwhile.

Then, one day, came a message; “T’was wafted on the breeze. It seemed to say, “Be patient and put your heart at ease. Just trust Me for your future and let your old self die. Inside that lowly worm I’ve put a lovely butterfly!”

And, then as faith took over and possessed her every thought, she kept the vision in her mind of the miracle to be wrought. And, daily, never doubting, she drew nearer to her goal, No longer sad, discouraged, Her God was in control.

With one last mighty struggle for freedom from the past, she burst the bonds asunder that long had held her fast.
Then, with delight that knew no bounds, she soared up toward the sky—enraptured, happy, joyous—A lovely butterfly!