Our lives resemble shopping for flowers – photographs on the seed packages. Not show picture of what the seeds look like in their current state, as dark, tiny, ugly seeds that do not showcase their true beauty and potential. The package shows the magnificent end result.

Given the right nutrients and care, it will blossom into a vibrant and delightful creation. You look in the mirrornever see yourself as the seed–but as you truly are–a child of God’s magnificence! Allow His seed inside you to grow, and only focus on the lovely picture of what you can become!

Associating with healthy, positive individuals from organizations that have integrity – helps us grow and gain a new perspective – Stretching muscles for new ideas that will open up healthy new doors.

Do things different from what normally do, time with different people, go places you normally don’t go (free art exhibit, local chamber event…).

Change things up! Stoke your fire even if you’re tired!  Push hard to continuing birthing your dream!


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