Even if you’ve traveled in the wrong direction all of your life, it is NEVER too late to turn around! Start writing your new life’s chapter today!

What is the most important area that you want to change?

  • Feeling more peace, energy, happiness in life? Becoming healthier by more exercise and the right food choices?  Feeling better about yourself through positive thoughts and positive self- talk?
  • Making simple changes in your demeanor and body language such as a more confident handshake, erect posture and good eye contact, and remembering to smile more?
  • What would make you “feel” more confident in your newly transformed life? Will a class in public speaking, a makeover, or joining an organization, committee or any kind of fun or service group where you will make new friends and gain new skills?  Find experiences that add more happiness and confidence in your life.
  • Explore what kind of energy you are projecting. Is it positive, negative, forceful, supportive? Energetic or tired? Hopeful or hopeless? Determined or deflated? Be aware, then takes the steps to transformation!

Yes, appearance, energy, attitude, what is projected from your face, body language and what comes out of your mouth, all influence your future. Enjoy your exploration into how to write a new chapter in your life for 2015!

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