Personal charisma, just like technical skills, can play a large role in showing that we are the confident “expert.” This can be developed over time and with practice. Most important, however, is that we:

  • Thoroughly “know our stuff” and share it with enthusiasm.
  • Demonstrate a high energy level, which is infectious and makes people want to be around us.
  • Exhibit a professional appearance. If we “appear” organized and well groomed, they will usually assume that our business is also organized and handled with care.
  • Be well spoken.  Check speech patterns, tone of voice, enthusiasm, and strength of delivery with every message. Ask a couple of close friends or associates for suggestions on how to improve.
  • Accept compliments and kudos graciously. When we turn away a compliment, we are essentially saying that the person giving the compliment is mistaken and that we don’t deserve it.
  • Smile with a confident demeanor and erect posture that says we are someone people can feel comfortable doing business with.
  • Know good standard English. Say it. Write it.

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