Business Introductions:  Why is it so hard to remember someone’s name?  Well, the first seven seconds we are sizing them up before listening (checking out their clothing, hair, grooming or a myriad of other things)…so we aren’t really listening!  The best way to introduce yourself, particularly if you are standing up in a large group of individuals you do not know, is to say 1) what do, 2) for whom, and then your name).  Example:  Hi.  I’m Chief Communications and Image Officer with Transformation Academy.  My name is Rita Rocker!  Take a slight pause between your first and last name, adding a little emphasis to the last name.  By then, the person should be more focused on listening to you versus giving the visual once-over

When introducing two people during business:

Introduce the person with the “least important” title (regardless of gender) to the person with the most important title.  For example: Mr. or Ms. Greater Authority, I would like to introduce you to Mr. or Ms. Lesser Authority.  This usually refers to saying the company president’s name before the sales rep.  When introducing someone to an individual from another company, the one with the “highest position” is actually the guest, or client…even if he/she holds “lower” title.

Introductions should be brief.  “How do you do?” or “Hello” is fine.  If you can’t remember someone’s name, reintroduce yourself and they will often say their name again.  If they don’t, say something like, “We met at last month’s marketing conference at the Embassy Suites.  I apologize but I don’t remember your name.”  They should offer it to you at that point.  If they still don’t, just smile and say, “I apologize but I don’t remember your name.”

The main thing to remember is to lean slightly forward, give a warm handshake, smile and be totally sincere and engaged in getting to know them.

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