Enjoy the positive rapport and results that come from these easy and effective tips when working with external (and internal) customers:

  • Check your body language, words and voice. Your non-verbal signals tell the real story of how you feel. Ensure that if your words are positive, the body and facial expressions are too. Tight fists or angry eyes with positive words will tell the listener that the message is not sincere or truthful.
  • Shift your concentration and put the spotlight on the customer. This is a powerful way to break down barriers and gain cooperation.
  • Watch your opening signals:
    • Give a friendly greeting and identify yourself
    • Reassure them they have the right person (if your are) or that you are directing them the right person
    • Invite them (by your voice and words) to move forward: “How may I help you?”
  • Adjust the way you speak according to the type of person your are talking to; i.e., raise or lower your volume if it is easier for the listener to understand you.
  • Use the person’s name 2-3 times during the conversation. Personalizing your conversation can make a world of difference in the results and cooperation you get.
  • Let your body talk as it keeps blood circulating and energizes you.
  • Use positive, active words (they’re understood three times quicker): Example: “excited” “looking forward to “ “happy to help you find…”
  • Never belittle your title: “I’m only an assistant.” Be proud of your abilities and knowledge.
  • Say what you will do, and when. If you can’t keep a deadline, be sure to inform the customer/staff member when they will receive what was promised.
  • Get to the point as quickly as possible since everyone’s time, including yours, is very valuable.
  • Always tell the truth. Never sacrifice your integrity.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rita Rocker is a national inspirational and educational speaker, communications and image specialist, and a career and virtual presentations coach with Transformation Academy, LLC.  She is the author of “A Guide to Marketing Yourself for Success”, and a contributing author to “The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well Being -The Total Woman in Leadership and Success Guide for the Unstoppable Entrepreneur.” She has appeared on national television and radio talk shows on self-esteem and communication. A former Mrs. Nebraska and active in numerous professional organizations, Rita is on the Board of the Small Business Association of the Midlands and co-director of greater Omaha’s Affiliated Women International. Rita provides life and career-transforming programs to mature teens and adults. Contact Rita at rita@transformationacademy.com.