Entering Your Future

Where Your Life is Now   

Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce Presentation

“The 1) thoughts you entertain, 2) words you speak and 3) the issues you write about are major factors in where your life and career are today. Everything you think and do from this day forward will greatly affect where you will arrive in one year, five years and for the rest of your life. Our belief system either helps us remove hindrances and prepare for success ahead or it keep us down and defeated. The views and opinions we hold of ourselves (self-perception) and of the world around us create the way we experience reality. We devise in our minds, then follow through with our actions, whether we become successful in our own right or live with continuous disappointments.

We actively choose whether we have uplifting or degrading relationships, a career we enjoy or mainly just have a J.O.B. to survive. Even in the most devastating of times, we can seek and call forth peace, new associations, new opportunities and the necessary support to make it to the other side. These thoughts and habits are critical to overcome on an almost daily basis. The characteristics we exhibit will, in turn, influence others to hire us for a new and better position, build community and foster healthy relationships. When we replace the negative words we think, write and speak, science has proven that we literally change how our brain functions and the kind of outcome our thoughts, words and actions manifest. Whatever you claim is yours!

Unhappy or happy    Failure or success     Broke or Financial success     Lonely or many friends and loved ones     It’s YOUR call!


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